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by bige51 on 10/OCT/09 | Back to bige51's Media

“One good thing about being an old gamer is havin a copy of the classics. Yes the first zombie in the hall still makes me jump. Dated but has aged like fine wine still fun to play. And yep playin it on vista sp2.......”

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Resident Evil

Resident Evil (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Survival Horror
Release Date:
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The first time I played this was with a few friends, being the smart @ss that I am I thought, "Y'know eff this mansion, they're just freakin' dogs! I'm goin' back out the front door and I'm gonna shoot them in the face till they change their minds about chewing on my places." That I think was the last time I can remember an entire room jumping from being startled in unison. Those effin' maggot ridden dogs, the only enemies that kept me in a panic for the entire effin' game.
Yeah the dogs where great but the giant spiders really gave me the willies. lol
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